Community Manager

Sign with us and earn money with your social network

If you are a Instagram Model, you have Youtube or another Social Network with many followers,
we introduce you Highlights Design.

Highlights Design is our Community Management for Social Networks.

We not only build your website with Publishers so that you earn money with your content,
but as Managers ,
we will make sure you get the most out of it Match your Social Networks, we will make generate income with your audience and gain more followers.

How will we do it?

Like that!
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We are going to play with your spectators.
With our experience in Marketing and publication we will incite your audience to your website, which will be endowed with ads. You will have as your second Instagram, but this time,
you will get income.

Read a little more...
We will use a private or paid social network. Don't worry, if you already have one and you are already billing, we will do magic to increase your income.

Just a little more...
Apart from having your website monetized, we will provide you with an advertising job market, we will specify advertising campaigns every three weeks.

It's over...
In addition, we will provide Marketing coverage for your Social Network, we have more Commitment and will make you upload Followers.

This last one, yes!
To sign us, send us a message at , and we will arrange a Video call.
If you prefer, you can make the payment and you will get in line before anyone else, we are in over demand and it takes time to answer the messages for contracts. Send an e-mail to the email you will get once you proceed the payment, with your name, surname and requested information, we will attend you in less than 72h.

Sign in our Community Management of MH11,
in less than 2 weeks you will have your
business set up with your social network.

You can pay us in installments with your future benefits, without paperwork, for $29: here.

If you are a woman and we see you at a certain level, we will contact you
to invite you to Eleven Models,
an Agency of Models in High performance social networks,
with a ratio throughout Spain, Europe and Latin-America.


If you have few Followers but believe that your Social Network gives the test, you can request an Account Review by visiting us at our office or make an On-line request for an Account Review in this button.

Instagram review

¡Read this important requirement!
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If you do not have an account with more than 15,000 followers with activity, we do not recommend signing up, as you are not going to invoice just because you have a lot of activity in your few followers.

If you don't have more than 2,000 Likes per Post, maybe you don't have enough. You should request a Review.

Very important
before Registering!
Remember that in case you do not generate benefits, we will refund you 74%, but only if you have done an Account Review before. If you register without our approval and do not invoice, you will not recover anything.
If you are going to register directly, take a good look at the next section "Capacities and Salaries".

Capacities and Salaries
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We cannot tell you exact figures, but accounts of 20K - 40K Followers, with us are able to generate a minimum of $110 and a maximum of $1,500 per month with the ad website, from $150 to 2,900 $monthly more with the private network, and finally, from $200 to $3,800 more with advertising or other income that we provide you. We get 100K - 300k accounts to be able to generate between $2,900 and $56,000 per month only with your private social network.
As very minimal you must sign with approximately 1,500 - 2,000 Likes per Post.
If with these figures you doubt your Instagram, we recommend you Request an Account Review.

Preferences & Eleven Models
This service is open to all audiences, but our preference and specialty is intended for a public in the world Modeling on Instagram.
If you are a woman and we see you at a certain level, we will contact you
to invite you to Eleven Models , our friend Models Agency, where you will have some wonderful benefits, conditions and privileges.